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Westmont Water Damage Restoration Service

Have you ever seen flooding in Westmont? How about in your home? Do you know the signs of water damage? Wondered about who to call for water damage in Westmont? The best choice is 2nd Chance Water Restoration!

I am excited for you to find out what 2nd Chance Water Restoration can offer you when you encounter excessive water in your home or business. Every part of our procedure is in place to prevent costly repairs in your home or business. Also, to provide the healthy living environment that existed before your property was affected. Water can enter your home via sump pump failure, broken pipes, or drainage backup. Water can enter the home slowly through faulty plumbing or seepage from a structural weakness, as well. When not properly addressed this water can contaminate your property with a serious bacteria or mold problem. Right away, you can be assured that the technician who arrives promptly at your door is certified in water damage and continued their education in mold remediation. Fully prepared to provide thorough service, professionalism, and an exceptional attitude.

We know this is a high stress situation, and we pride ourselves in our approach to handling the emotional side of our clients reaction to flooding. We inspect the property and explain the most efficient way to bring the conditions of your home or business back to dry and sanitary. We dedicate our time to address your concerns and answer your questions fully to give you an understanding of how the science of drying works. If you are not ready for us to begin our work, we will leave our itemized estimate with you free of charge. Every call we respond to, our technicians are ready to begin work and setup appropriate drying equipment immediately. This is because time is truly of the essence when working in our industry. Every day water remains in building materials, the contamination levels rise, and the ability to dry them without resorting to complete removal drops. Certain contamination levels result in un-salvageable personal items and building materials( drywall, carpeting, flooring).

There are times when water either comes in too slowly to notice. Other times the property owner has cleaned and dried the affected area themselves, but without proper training and equipment, the job is not fully finished.
Some signs of excessive water or incomplete drying include:
1) Unpleasant odor
2) Floor trim pulling away from wall
3) Loose, separated flooring
4) Swollen doors and/or doorways
5) Staining- discoloration- visible possible mold.

Our company is ready to handle all stages of water damage- including emergency service, twenty-four hours, seven days a week. We use instruments to measure humidity and moisture content- No guessing games here! Just applied science and advanced structural drying techniques.

Of course, we are a local water damage service. A small, reliable, family business hungry to show their work and make customers love us. Speaking of local, I live right here in Westmont and often wonder if my friends and neighbors are being taken care of by the best in storms, or other flooding problems. 2nd Chance Water Restoration excels in customer service. Our pricing goes above and beyond to make having your property professionally dried and sanitized possible in a timely manner. We also know how to communicate with your insurance company, should you be able to file a claim. The work done always shows our customers we are knowledgeable and trustworthy. My colleagues and I enjoy assessing properties and restoring them for people. It is a great service to have the ability to provide for our local neighbors in the Chicagoland area. Whether we are in Westmont, or the surrounding areas, we are always happy to help!

Call 2nd Chance Water Restoration, if you have Sewage. Flood, or Water Damage Restoration and Mold Removal needs at anytime 365 days a year for a free estimate at 630-546-2239