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Water Damage Restoration in South Holland

Do you need water damage cleanup service for your basement? Overwhelmed with a sewage backup in your home? Wishing you had someone with a good reputation to help you with such an important job? Well, here is some good news- 2nd Chance Water Restoration has been helping your neighbors in South Holland for years with their sewage cleanup needs!

I know from experience that South Holland experiences plenty of flooding and sewer backups. When 2nd Chance Water Restoration promptly arrives at your property, we are ready to help. With a free inspection/assessment of your water damage needs, our technician will thoroughly explain his recommendations. All of our water/mold/fire technicians are certified by the IICRC, (responsible for implicating our industry standards) and continue their education to stay current with proper procedures. This lets you know that we are capable of providing you with a cleanup service that is safe, effective, and will restore your home to sanitary conditions. Our service men/women are ready to start clearing your home of water/sewage immediately. The drying process will begin that day-or-if you need time to compare/research us we will gladly leave you with a free, itemized estimate. We pride ourselves on being capable of helping with all aspects of your flooding problem-We know it is a hard day and we want to help you on your way to getting your home back!

In most situations the source of the water has presented itself, but sometimes you need a well trained eye. We try hard to identify your problem because without getting that stopped, we can’t dry your home. If a plumber is needed, we have some we trust, and even call for you! Otherwise, we get right to work with saving as much of your building materials, (flooring, doors, drywall) and personal items as possible. South Holland is just like everywhere else, unfortunately, and property owners can have water flood their homes in many ways.

  • Flooding from Storms
  • Broken/frozen Pipes
  • Drain/Sewage Backup
  • Appliance Malfunction
  • Faulty Plumbing
  • Sump Pump Failure

Sometimes our customers just forgot to turn off their sink or tub faucet!
In cases where the mess is too big for you to cleanup- 2nd Chance Water Restoration wants show you just how much we can help. If water is left or cleaned improperly it is able to wreak havoc. Damaging or even destroying items in your home, water can cost you in repair and/or replacement. That is why fast response is crucial to preventing loss, and mold or bacterial contamination. Mold growth can begin as quickly as 24-72 hours, and every 24 hours water is left in your home is considered when determining the category of contamination being dealt with. We will use applied science and technology to ensure your property is left dry and sanitary without costly worries. Don’t let water show you how powerful it can be in your home. It only took a little bit of water to create the Grand Canyon!

I have headed out towards the South Holland overpass on 294 many times and have always been happy to service the area with an excellent attitude. Don’t let water cost you more than it should, call 2nd Chance Water Restoration for your water damage cleanup needs!