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Schaumburg Water Damage Restoration

Schaumburg is the town that the owner of 2nd Chance Water Restoration inc started out in when he started in the water removal industry. That is right! The first sewer backup removal performed by the owner was done in Schaumburg, Illinois! Patrick started drying flooded homes in 1998 at a locally owned carpet cleaning company. He took to restoration work quickly as he thoroughly enjoys helping people through difficult times by doing a little hard work. In starting 2nd Chance Water Restoration Patrick had one goal, to make it the best water removal company in the Chicago area that he could. To achieve that goal he searched for like minded individuals to help him form the business so that everyone who represented his company would care most about customer service above all else.

2nd Chance Water Restoration inc has performed hundreds of water removal jobs in Schaumburg. Some of those restoration jobs were caused by sewer backup while others have been caused by broken pipes. No matter the cause 2nd Chance Water Restoration has successfully dried the property out without any mold problems. We know this because of our excellent communication with our customers. No one likes calling for help in their time of need and getting the voicemail. 2nd Chance Water Restoration inc answers every phone call day or night.

It does not matter if your on the west side of Schaumburg by route 59 or the east side by Golf and 290, 2nd Chance Water Restoration will be there within an hour. We specialize in our prompt emergency service response. We will get out to your home or business and before you know it we are water extraction machines. We waste little time getting the water removal process started so that we can begin drying your home as soon as possible. We know Schaumburg has had a history of flooding and we don’t want anyone to get flooded but if you do feel free to call 2nd Chance Water Restoration!