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The biggest expense of a flooded basement is usually not the cleanup and drying after flooding. It is the cost of rebuilding and remodeling that makes homeowners suffer the biggest whack to the wallet. The biggest part of being a restoration company is the ability to restore a home to a pre-loss condition. 2nd Chance Water Restoration is newer to the rebuilding side of restoration but has quickly made progress on that side by hiring quality people that do amazing work. We are excited to have our rebuild department being led by Aaron Kurasz, a certified water damage restoration technician, that has over 20 years of construction and carpentry experience. Part of what goes into our profession is helping our customers to set themselves up better in case of future flooding. Basements occasionally flood, that’s what they do. We do not want or need repeat customers but if you have a basement it is going to flood on occasion. It does not matter if you put in twelve sump pumps or call the best water proofers and buy everything they have. Basements being below ground makes it almost impossible not to expect flooding to your home at some point. That being said, there is things you can do to limit any damage should water get into your dwelling.

Naperville Water Removal

Never recommend having floating floors in a basement

Remodeling After Flooding

These floors are totally ruined after flooding occurs

Water Removal Chicago

Never put a floating floor under cabinets especially in a basement

Remodeling In Chicago

The tile is down and waiting for grout

The customers at this home had a floating floor when they moved in. After flooding ruined their floor they realized that a floating floor isn’t practical to have in a basement. They wanted to go over their options and asked my opinion. I stated the obvious that a floating floor would be my last choice. We haven’t done rebuilds and remodeling to often before this job but the customers talked us into it. They have pushed us into doing rebuilds full time so that we can be a full restoration company providing our customers with one stop shopping when it comes to water damage restoration. Carpet is often used in a basement as it provides warmth, can be saved after certain kinds of flooding, and is the cheapest to replace. I then told them that tile was my preferred choice in a basement as it is hard to damage from flooding. The cost of tile is leaps and bounds more than the other options but when that basement floods again it will pay for itself. They asked how could I be so sure that tile would be fine after flooding occurs in their basement again. I responded simply by pointing at their basement bathroom and the tile floor that was still there. Not only was the tile in the bathroom not ruined but because it stood higher than the floating floor it prevented water from getting into the bathroom in the first place. Water takes the path of least resistance and didn’t get to deep so it stayed out of the bathroom. We gave them estimates for tile, carpet and even a floating floor so they could compare and make their decision. They ultimately decided to go with the tile option and began looking at samples. They decided on the beautiful tile laid out below. The customers are extremely happy with the end result and noted that they are happier with their basement now even more so than before the flooding.

Chicago Remodeling

After is awesome

Rebuilding After Flooding

Went up to the cabinets with no problems!


Wide view of this freshly tiled basement

Remodeling After Flooding

Tile will last better than a floating floor

Remodeling does not happen only after flooding. We also do remodeling work for people who have never flooded at all. The most common things that people like to have updated is their bathrooms and kitchens. When doing a remodeling job for a homeowner we try our best to envision what our customers want. Then we develop a layout and proposal for these homeowners to go over and review so that they can make an informed decision. When doing a remodeling job it is important for everyone involved to remember that this is a big decision for a homeowner. There is a cost to it that is often substantial and the end result is something the owner has to be happy with for a long time. All that matters to us and our crews is that our homeowners are happy with the work performed by 2nd Chance Water Restoration. Let us take a look at some remodeling projects that we have successfully completed.

Bathroom Remodel

We can all agree that this bathroom was due for an update

Bathroom Remodeling

Here is the remodel work part way completed

The previous shower was small and confined which was no longer acceptable to the customer. He wanted something with a lot more room and a more modern look. The shower went from a small pre-made shower to a full shower with a much bigger feel. The older model constantly needed to be cleaned so that the glass didn’t get that scummy look to it and the drove the homeowner nuts.

By closing off the window the customer has additional privacy which is perfect for the much bigger shower. The tile is broken up by beautiful piece for the soap tray. Adding the light above the shower really highlights the investment the homeowner put into the show remodeling. The half wall is perfect for holding your drinks and for giving a little space between the shower and the tile. With the old shower there was nothing preventing people in the shower and on the toilet from seeing each other at not so pleasant angles. Normally if you are in the bathroom with someone there is already some extreme familiarity but it is nice to have a little privacy. By adding the wall and tiling the shower side we have eliminated the need for a shower curtain which is aesthetically pleasing and eliminates some additional maintenance. Having a shower curtain means more cleaning and more cost in routine replacements of said shower curtain. The tile will last until it is no longer in style and the homeowner wants a new update many years from now. The half wall will keep the water in the shower and prevent it from flooding the rest of the bathroom.

Remodeling A Bathroom In Chicago

The light really makes the tile stand out

Remodeling A Bathroom

The customer is not going to miss that window

I think we can all agree that this bathroom is amazing, and a significant upgrade over the previous version. On the next example we will see a change in the other parts of a bathroom, the sinks and vanities. Sinks are the first the first things that lose style points along with wall paper. Women especially need that extra space in and around the sink area when you are modernizing the bathrooms in your home. The ever increasing supply in beauty products and bathroom accessories alone is reason why cabinet and vanity space is on the rise in modern bathroom remodels.

Bathroom Remodeling

The next step is paint and vanity

Chicago Bathroom Remodelers

The customer wanted two sinks!

It is important when doing remodeling to make sure that you get your air ducts cleaned to prevent any kind of build up of dust in your home.Our technicians are experts at limiting any kind of mess but when dealing with that scope of work it is good to get everything nice and clean before the job is considered to be truly done. Taking pride in your work and listening to your customers will go a long way towards getting the results that everyone wants. When dealing with flooding in your home, or simply ready for an update, you can feel comfortable giving your home a 2nd Chance!