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Morton Grove Water Restoration

Morton Grove deserves the best flood cleanup guys it can get when the need arises! 2nd Chance Water Restoration specializes in all kinds of remediation whether it is mold, sewer backup, broken pipes, or basement flooding from a sump pump failure. 2nd Chance has the top ratings of any water damage restoration company around for a reason! We will show up to your house within an hour to provide you a free estimate in your time of need! 2nd Chance has responded to dozens of water removal jobs in Morton Grove over the years. During all those jobs we delivered perfect satisfaction to your neighbors.

Sewer backup is the grossest flooded basement experience anyone can have happen. 2nd Chance uses the proper tools, equipment, chemicals and techniques to ensure that your flood problem does not become a mold problem. Insurance companies typically do not cover mold problems as the insurance company usually has it stated in your policy that the homeowner is responsible for mold. The reason for this is that mold takes twenty four to seventy two hours to begin to grow. That means if you have mold from a water damage job that is because the water was allowed to sit entirely too long. Act now! Call 2nd Chance right away and our service professionals will be at your home within an hour to give you your free estimate. Time is of the essence when flooding occurs so we will drop whatever we are doing to get to your home or business promptly!

2nd Chance Water Restoration inc keeps it’s people up to date on all certifications, and most recently the entire staff was certified for fire damage restoration. Nobody wants a fire but they do happen on occasion. When life throws you a curve, please know we are experts in straightening out damage to your home. Fire leads to smoke and odor and even water, so we specialize in knowing the proper remediation steps for all of those calamities. Fire damage is no joke! It can ruin your day and that is for sure. We have five stars everywhere because we understand this and we make it our priority to help our customers recover.

Whether it is from Water or Fire we will represent your needs when it comes time to handle the insurance company. If you do not have insurance for your water and fire damage in Morton Grove then we are the ones to call. 2nd Chance will do your job for less than our competition without sacrificing quality. You see, we only do jobs the correct way regardless of the money involved. We refuse to do any work half ass and money is not our number one concern. The owner of 2nd Chance has found only like minded individuals that understand that our goal is to help people recover from their damage. The long term and short term goal of our company is to be the most reputable and friendly damage restoration company in the Morton Grove area.