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Joliet Water Damage Restoration & Removal

Water Damage Joliet, IL: Flood Water Damage FAQs

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions that our water damage, flood damage, and sewage cleanup customers in Joliet, IL asked us and listed them here:

Who do I call first when my home or business in Joliet suffers water damage due to flooding?

A lot of people think that the first thing that should do is call their insurance company, but the insurance companies typically prefer that you call a local water damage restoration company first to mitigate or reduce the expense of the water damage. The insurance company would like you to find the best company for the most reasonable price and in Joliet, IL that would be 2nd Chance Water Restoration?

I see that your you have offices in Addison and Elmhurst, so can you make it to my water damage emergency in Joliet within an hour?

Yes, 2nd Chance Water Restoration constantly has certified and very experienced water damage restoration and mold remediation technicians in the Joliet area, so we can typically get to Joliet within an hour 24-7 every day of the year.

Call 2nd Chance Water Restoration at 630-546-2239 for a free estimate, if you love in the Joliet area and you have flood damage, water restoration, or sewage cleanup needs any time on any day of the year.

Do I have to worry about growing because of the water damage?

Yes, mold will start growing after a water damage issue with 24-48 hours, so removing the water from all the organic materials like flooring, drywall, upholstery, drapes and so on is essential to preventing mold growth from becoming a huge issue. Getting a professional water damage restoration company out to your Joliet property to begin the drying process immediately is the best way to go.

How long does it take before my home or business in Joliet will be put back together following a water damage emergency?

2nd Chance Water Restoration specializes in water mitigation which consists of cleaning, drying the structure, and removing non-salvageable organic material like drywall, carpet, carpet padding, and personal belongings. The water mitigation phase typically takes 2-4 days depending on severity of the water damage in Joliet and the drying conditions that are implemented. It is our job as mitigation specialist to get the property ready for rebuilding. The rebuilding or restoration stage can take anywhere from a few hours to a couple weeks depending on total damage, and availability of replacement materials and contractors.

What are the major causes of food damage and water damage in Joliet, IL?

There is no doubt that Joliet has been known to have flooding issues due to heavy rain and sudden storms throughout the years. There are a lot of flood areas in Joliet that will have homes and businesses suffering water damage with every huge rainstorm. Failure in plumbing supply lines due to pipes freezing and plumbing connections to major appliances breaking are also significant contributors to water damage events in Joliet.

How is 2nd Chance Water Restoration certified to perform water restoration and mold remediation work in Joliet, IL?

2nd Chance Water Restorations makes sure to get all of it’s service professionals certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). The IICRC provides a specific set of practical standards and cleaning procedures for water damage restoration work being done in Joliet, IL. The IICRC suggests that water damage repair should only be done by professionally certified and experienced water restoration technicians. Insurance companies also prefer that you use certified and experienced service professionals like those at 2nd Chance Water Restoration to mitigate any water damage issues in Joliet.

Can there be hidden water damage after my house floods or has a water damage issue?

Yes, there are times that a homeowner can find issues like peeling paint, bubbling wallpaper, visible old growth, musty or bad odors, and high humidity. Professional service technicians like those certified ones at 2nd Chance Water Restoration will have moisture meters and thermal imaging cameras which means that water has no where to hide.

Call 2nd Chance Water Restoration at 630-546-2239 for fast Joliet, IL water damage restoration, or sewage cleanup anytime.

I don’t live in Joliet, but I am close, so can 2nd Chance Water Restoration help me out with my water damage, sewage cleanup, or mold remediation needs?

Yes, absolutely! 2nd Chance Water Restoration proudly serves Joliet and the entire greater Chicago Area. Call us for your water damage restoration needs if your home or business is suffering from water, or sewage damage in Joliet, or the surrounding areas.