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Glen Ellyn Flood Damage Cleanup

Glen Ellyn definitely has some flooding on occasion and 2nd Chance is often relied on to remediate the problem. When selecting a water damage restoration company for your water removal needs please consider 2nd Chance as the number one option. We have dried hundred of homes in the Glen Ellyn area while maintaining a perfect satisfaction rating from our customers. 2nd Chance has a five star rating on every platform you can think off. We dominate in comparison to our competition when it comes to customer satisfaction. 2nd Chance is an A+ accredited business with the Chicago BBB! In short, we are the leading restoration company in the 60137. Only 2.7 percent of Glen Ellyn is water but the town does get inundated with water every now and then so it is good to know a quality local restoration company.

Since we are a local company only servicing Chicago and the surrounding suburbs our strong reputation was developed here in the Glen Ellyn/Lombard area. When you have a problem and you need help it is reassuring to know you have someone who cares at your property. Mold is never good so time is of the essence and you must act quickly. We are certified trained and very hands on experienced at dealing with mold. If you have mold and just did not know before about it’s existence, that is okay because we are experts at removing mold. We use the proper techniques like hepa-vacuum and negative air pressure. We will not allow further cross contamination once we have started the mold removal. Mold takes one to three days to start forming depending on the source and the environment. If you notice you have water damage you must act quickly to mitigate the damage. Your insurance company has provisions that if you have water damage that it is on you the property owner to act quickly so they usually will not cover mold damage.

Speaking of insurance…….

2nd Chance has a long track record of excellent communication with insurance companies and will help you to efficiently and smoothly guide you through the claims process. We use Xactimate pricing which is standard pricing guideline for the industry. It makes our billing the same as the insurance estimate and our competition. Not all people have the proper coverage so it is handy to know what our competitors charge. Assuming that they are certified in water and mold damage and use Xactimate then our prices will be the same.  That being said most franchise companies can not discount a particular job more than 15% which also means most of our competitors never discount more than that. We will often if not always discount more than that. Want to find out? Give us a call for a free estimate! We will inspect and diagnose for free while giving you a more than competitive estimate for what needs to be done. if you like us we will get started and if you don’t we will leave at no charge to you. We can be anywhere in Glen Ellyn in less than an hour. Sorry you are having a bad day and please allow us to make it better. You and your water damaged property deserve a 2nd Chance!