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Flooded Basement Cleanup Chicago

by | Feb 16, 2016 |

Flooded basement cleanup in Chicago is the number one focus of 2nd Chance Water Restoration and it’s cleanup crews. We have dried out thousands of homes and businesses in Chicago! We have experience at water removal beyond counting! Not only do we have more experience than just about any other water damage restoration companies in Chicago but our track record is unmatched! We have five stars everywhere with not one complaint by any customers! We have an A+ rating with the Chicago BBB! Our customers put us on Yelp and Angie’s List! One Google search and you will see we stand heads and shoulders above our completion!

We succeed in reputation because our main focus is making our customers happy! We strive to deliver excellent customer service every time we are called upon to clean a flooded basement in Chicago, regardless if it is in Old Town or Altgeld Gardens! We understand that flooding in your basement is traumatic and the first thing we need to do is put our customers at ease! We will arrive promptly, politely and with a proper attitude within the hour regardless where in Chicago you are. We will inspect the damage and determine the best course of action for your particular situation! 2nd Chance will then give you a good firm price if you are paying out of your pocket. Flood damage cleanup can cost into the thousands quickly so call the ones with the reputation for being fair. If you have Insurance we can bill your provider and will help you with the claims process!

Can you help me with my insurance claim for my flooded basement?

Working with insurance is almost never easy but with an experienced flood cleanup company it usually goes a lot smoother. We have years and thousands of claims worth of experience to draw on so it is old hat for us. Some things that a Chicago resident might find helpful when filing a claim are listed below.

  • Document all damage
  • Keep all receipts
  • Take plenty of pictures
  • Do not procrastinate on anything
  • Call your insurance provider with any questions

flood water removal

Flooded basement by Midway!!

We will document all your flood damage and take plenty of pictures! You can never have or take enough pictures when doing a flood cleanup! Chicago residents have relied on 2nd Chance for years to provide their insurance companies with everything they need as soon as their projects are done. Some companies may take a while to do so and insurance companies frown upon that. Insurance providers always smile when they find that we are on the job! What is not to like? We will show up fast and use our high powered truck mounted vacuums to eradicate and remove all flood water from your home or place of business.

flooded basement cleanup in Chicago

Chicago flooded basement cleanup!

How long will it take to get 2nd Chance to help me with my flooded basement?

We are only a phone call away! Call right now if you have flooding in your basement and we will drop what we are doing and respond immediately to help you in your time of need. We typically can get to anywhere in the city in less than an hour barring some insane Chicago traffic even if you live in Schorsch Village!

flooded basement cleanup in Chicago

Chicago flooded basement cleanup!

Is there anything I, the homeowner, can do until you get here?

Sure! Here are a few things you could do before our cleanup crews arrive.

  • Find the source of flooding
  • Make sure the area is safe
  • Remove your valuables and keepsakes
  • Call your insurance provider
  • Make a drink!!

How long does the typical flood cleanup take?

Well every flood damage cleanup is completely different than the last so no job is the same. That being said it is typical for 2nd Chance to arrive within the hour for the estimate. Should you choose to use us for your water cleanup needs we will get started right away. The water removal process usually takes an hour or so. We usually can place equipment in your property and set up and begin drying within hours. We will dry your home as fast as our state of the art drying equipment will dry it. It is important to leave the equipment until everything is dry or you will need our mold remediation services.

flooded basement cleanup in Chicago

Flooded basement cleanup in Chicago!

Mold is common after flooding especially if you do not do the flood cleanup correctly! We have every employee certified in water damage restoration and applied microbial remediation for your protection. We use state of the art moisture meters and thermo hygrometers to ensure that all wet materials have equipment on it until we meet all dry standards! We will provide a moisture chart to your insurance providers every single time we dry out a claim.

flood damage cleanup

Thermo Hygrometer giving us a high moisture reading!

It is because we have standard operating procedures for all things flood related that we can so easily ensure quality work. If you have flooding then you are already having a bad day. 2nd Chance will not only reduce your stress by rapidly taking care of business but we also promise not to compound your problems! There is a lot of flood damage cleanup companies in Chicago but only one can be the best! If you have flood damage in your basement you owe it to yourself to give your property the 2nd Chance it deserves!!

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