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Chicago Water Damage Restoration

Knowing the right water damage restoration company to call in case of flooding, or sewage backup is very important to any home, or business owner in Illinois. However, knowing the right water and fire restoration company in Chicago is even more important as Chicago has a long history of flooding due to problems with the city’s sewer system and the incredible amount of people using that sewer system in such a small area.

2nd Chance Water Restoration has been cleaning up flood and sewage related water damage in Chicago for a very long time and we have the positive online reviews to prove it. If you compare our customer service satisfaction results with other local Chicago water and fire restoration companies than you will see that we do a superior job. We even provide better customer satisfaction results than those of the nation wide water restoration service companies.

Our water damage professionals at 2nd Chance Water Restoration have more individual water damage experience than just about anyone in Chicago. A few of our water restoration pros have been cleaning up flood and sewage related water damage in Chicago for over 17 years. We are proud of our reputation of serving Chicago with it’s water damage restoration and sewage cleanup needs and we work hard every day to earn and build upon that reputation as the best in the entire Chicago land area.

We have cleaned small basement apartments on the north side, large industrial spaces in the Loop, 5 unit buildings in the south side, bars on the west side, restaurants in Lakeview, and we are equipped 24-7 every day of the year to come help you out anywhere in the Chicago area with your water damage emergency no matter how large, or small the damage and we can typically get there with an hour. Call the real service professionals at 2nd Chance Water Restoration at (630) 546-2239 for a free estimate for your water damage, or mold remediation needs.

All of our water restoration and mold remediation service technicians are certified by the I.I.C.R.C and we follow their rules, standards, and procedures on every job that we do in Chicago and the surrounding area.

We have worked with every insurance company that covers water loss, sewage damage, mold removal, and flood cleanup in Chicago. We know how to help you deal with your insurance company to make sure things go as smoothly as possible. We can typically bill your insurance company directly and fully for any water restoration, sewage cleanup, or mold removal work that we do, if you have coverage. We can work with your claim adjuster directly to answer their questions and explain the reasoning behind any work that we do during the water restoration, sewage removal, or mold remediation project.

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Chicago Water Damage Restoration!

2nd Chance Water Restoration has been doing an unparalleled job in Chicago over the years cleaning up a large variety of water restoration related projects and we have more positive reviews than anyone in Chicago on the various different sites including the BBB, Yelp, Facebook, and Google to prove it.

Homeowners and business owners in Chicago are at greater risk for water damage issues than perhaps anywhere else in the country due to:

  1. Our exceptionally cold winters, which freezes plumbing supply lines in a hurry, if there is a problem with the heat, or insulation around the pipes. Make sure to have your pipes in your attic, basement, and on outside walls properly insulated.
  2. Chicago sewer systems back up more than perhaps any other city. You may not be able to control what your neighbor flushes down the toilet, which one of the biggest reasons for sewer backups in Chicago, but you can control what goes down your drain. Avoid putting paper towels, wipes, feminine products and anything that isn’t human waste, or septic safe toilet paper down the drain. Using enzymes like bio-clean are a great and green way to clean out drains especially in multi unit buildings. Getting your main sewer line rodded out once a year to avoid tree root issues. Homes over 30 years old are over three times more likely to have plumbing issues.
  3. There is a lot of old plumbing in the Chicago area. Plumbing supply lines and drains don’t last forever and there actually a lot of buildings over 100 years old that still have their original plumbing in Chicago. Insulation behind drywall also gets old, so your pipes may be less protected from freezing every year that they are behind your wall.
  4. Toilet supply lines should be checked every six months for signs of water damage, because the average water damage loss for a broken toilet supply line ranges between 2-10k.
  5. Washing machine leaks caused by leaky hoses is another big contributor to our work load. There have been many times where we were doing water damage work in Chicago, because someone left their washing machine running unattended and a hose failed. Never run your washing machine unattended, check your hoses every six months for signs of water damage, and replace your hose every 5 years w/reinforced braided stainless steel hoses.
  6. 75% of all water heaters fail within their first 12 years and most people in Chicago use their water heaters, until they fail. Flush your water heater out completely every six months and have a plumber check it once a year to extend it’s life and prevent future water damage issues.
  7. Roof leaks and down spout issues are a huge problem in Chicago. Make sure to have your roof professionally inspected every year to insure there are no loose, missing, or cracked shingles, or areas of pooling water on a flat roof.
  8. Check your sump pump every two to three months. Look for signs of corrosion and wear. Almost 20% of pump failures are caused by power outages, so get a high quality battery back up. Make sure to replace your sump pump every 3-5 years.
  9. Check your showers, tubs, and sinks for loose tiles and old grout, or caulk especially if the property is over twenty years old as the rate of failure grows drastically as these materials age.
  10. Know where your water shut off is for both the property, the toilets, sinks, and appliances, so you are prepared and able to shut the water off in a hurry should something fail and water begins to damage your property.

Please feel free to call your local family owned Chicago area business that cares at (866) 575-5814 with all of your water damage and mold removal needs.