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Bloomingdale Flood Damage Cleanup

Bloomingdale flood damage cleanup is a speciality of 2nd Chance Water Restoration and the reason why we have an outstanding record amongst the water removal industry. We are based in Addison which is a short journey to Bloomingdale and we serve the whole Chicago area. We have dried out hundreds of properties in Bloomingdale over the years and have had outstanding results! We have dealt with all kinds of water damage issues in the town ranging from sewer backup to broken pipes to sump pump failure. No matter what the cause we are capable and able to effectively dry the problem and prevent mold.

Our flood damage cleanup crews are standing by to deliver a free estimate to our customers in Bloomingdale no matter the time day or night. We rapidly respond to all emergencies when called upon. It is important that a water damage restoration company responds promptly and with a proper attitude when customers call. Having been the victim of flooding ourselves we understand the stress and aggravation that people have waiting for a service company to show up. The last thing anyone needs is to have to pay a huge fee for company to come out and inspect their damage and since we can not give a price over the phone we swallow the cost of our estimates. Every water damage job is different and impossible to describe over the phone so we have to see and inspect the damage before we can quote a price. We can and will be anywhere in Bloomingdale ready to work in less than an hour.

Knowledge and experience are a big deal to us over at 2nd Chance! We have all of our employees trained and certified with the IICRC  so that our customers know that we will have an expert to their Bloomingdale property when called upon for assistance.  We have crews with experience from storm events from all over the country which has helped to stay cutting edge and trendy in the drying fields. You can never have enough experience or knowledge especially in our industry. Until a few years ago the mold removal industry thought that mold liked to grow in the dark but it turns out that is not the case. Mold only needs water and organic material to grow but hates to be disturbed. When disturbed mold will release it’s spores into the air which is why you will often find mold in dark seldom visited places. The point is that this industry is constantly evolving and growing in it’s understanding of the water damage field so constant education and experience is a must for any flood cleanup company.

Bloomingdale and it’s residents deserves a quality service company to help them when their properties are flood damaged. 2nd Chance is that company has evidenced by it’s outstanding track record of success. You can find us with a perfect record anywhere at anytime just by Googling 2nd Chance Water Restoration. If you are in Bloomingdale and have water damage or mold removal needs give your property a 2nd Chance!!