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2nd Chance Water Restoration – Home

Nothing can inflict damage on a home or business like water or flooding, and that damage can come from any number of sources. From catastrophic flood damage that lays waste to entire communities, to small leaks that may go unnoticed for weeks or months, water damage causes both immediate problems as well as long term issues that can translate into significant repair bills. In addition, unchecked water damage means the threat of health hazards such as mold, mildew, and other problems. Water damage should always be addressed by trained professionals who know what problems to look for, where to look for it, and what to do with it when it is found.  The professionals at 2nd Chance Water Restoration are available to handle all of your water damage repair and restoration needs.

Damage from sewage spills are the most dangerous and destructive type of water damage, containing dangerous contaminants such as fungi, parasites, bacteria, and other viruses that may cause serious illness following exposure.  These are threats that should not be ignored, requiring specialized treatment and remediation. 2nd Chance Water Restoration is experienced in all types of water damage, including sewage spills, and can properly dry out the property and clean up the damage, returning your property to its pre-loss state.

Speaking of mold, it is the single most common byproduct of any type of water problem, usually appearing within 48-72 hours of a water damage event, spreading rapidly, and proving almost impossible to successfully eliminate. It literally puts the health of your home at stake, and should be treated as soon as it is discovered.  At 2nd Chance Water Restoration, we provide first rate mold remediation services designed to get rid of the mold and prevent it from returning.  All of our work is backup by the restoration industry’s most comprehensive guarantee.

2nd Chance Water Restoration has been offering the latest advances in water restoration throughout the Chicago area since 1997. We provide a complete array of services to handle any type of water damage scenario, including broken pipes, leaking water heaters, overflowing bathtubs, sewage backups, or any other water damage problem. It is our goal to give your property the 2nd Chance it needs following damage due to flooding and mold. We also offer same day emergency service, which means we can have a technician onsite within an hour of your call.

Among the services we offer include water extraction, carpet drying and cleaning, sewage cleaning and removal of waste materials, mold removal and remediation, dehumidification, drying of furniture or other damaged contents, odor control, removal of contaminated materials, as well as structural drying and restoration.  Our personnel have been professional trained and Clean Trust Certified, and are able to assess your unique situation, devise a course of action, and begin the restoration process. Such rapid response means less chance for subsequent damage, saving you thousands of dollars in repair bills.

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